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I wrote a message in Facebook and listed more organizations which are receiving financial donation for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I copied the same message here.

As of now, I'm still deeply concerned about the situation after the tsunami and earthquake which severely hit the north-east part of Japan. Most of my family, friends, ex-colleagues, etc stay and live their everyday lives in eastern part of Japan under the threats of the possible following quakes and the radioactivity which might reach the city of Tokyo (HOPE NOT!!!). A lot of people including the voluntary troops from overseas are striving hard to prevent from any further tragidy at this very moment. I hesitated to write this message as I'm not normally eager to do the activities for humanitarian aid. But I don't have a choice this time as I believe this is the least thing I can do to be a little help of those who I love.

Even if you don't have a physical hand to reach them out, or if you don't have time, there is still some stuff you can do.

Every single moment, the situation is changing and so is what the people in north-east part of Japan call for.
There is need of helicopter for rescuing the missing people and carrying them to hospital.
There is need of track for delivering food and water.
I also heard the story of mothers who were psychologically shocked and cannot breast-feed their babies, and they need milk powder and clean hot water.

From the distance, it is unfortunately difficult to predict what kind of needs will be expected in the upcoming weeks and months.

I believe one of the timeliest and most effective ways of giving your hands from overseas is to do the financial donation. Please check the purpose of what an organization will spend your precious money for. Once you are confident and can agree with their idea, no mater what amount - one dollar, one euro - whay not? Saving a cup of coffee might be appreciated by somebody in need.

I would like to list some names of organization which now officially receive financial donations. My friends mentioned them in their Facebook comments in the last some days. Some are the ones in which my friends are involved and some are very prestigious. If you don't have any idea where to donate, I believe they are good options.

NGO Peace Winds Japan:
NGO Save the Children: (Japanese)
Japan Society:
American Redcross:

If you donated in other organizations, please let me know the name and URL. I'd love to spread it in this note.
Thank you for your warm thoughts. THANK YOU SO MUCH :-)


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